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Air Humidifier

Air Humidifier

Model: JQS-D688
Weight: 1.27kg
Availability: In Stock
Price: RM135.70
Ex Tax: RM128.00
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Air Humidifier

  • Humidify and purify air
    Automatic constant tempeture, eliminate dryness, improve the quality of indoor air, lift spirit, enhance working efficiency. Add aromatic, warm the indoor atmosphere, mix the individuation pursuit of modern office and home environment together, play up romatic sentimentalism.
  • Anion Fresh Disinfection
    Anion purify the air, deposit and congeal smoke dust, decompose odor, sterilize and so on.
    Release negative charge, activate oxygen molecule, make suction volume of oxygen of human body add 20%, meanwhile discharge another 15% carbon dioxide. Add special medicinal liquid, resist the intrusion of the virus of flu and pneumonia, build good nursing enviroment for respiratory tract patients. Anions promote the metabolism, keep air clean and dispel fatigue, it can prevent "air conditioning disease".
  • Health Care & Beauty
    Moisten the skin, anions touch the facial skin directly, make facial skin cell activate rapidly, and make skin fine and smooth, become more healthy and vigor.
  • Air Conditioning Companion
    Use indoor air-conditioning for a long time may lead to the severe lack of indoor required water, and then you use humidifier to keep the balance of moisture room.



Power Supply : 220V - 250V 50Hz-60 Hz 110V - 120V

Output Power : 25W

Water Capacity : 3L

Maximum Evaporating Rate : 300mL/H

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