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Battery Tester BT-860
Can test if battery volume is enough; If indicator needle points to red, the battery need to be r..
Ex Tax: RM5.00
Digital Clamp Meter
Features: AC Current : 0.01A to 400A AC Voltage : 1V to 450V DC Voltage : 1V ..
Ex Tax: RM29.90
Digital Multimeter A830L
Specifications: Model:YX-360TRN Diode assembly test Transistor P-N junction test Transi..
Ex Tax: RM29.90
Digital Multimeter DT-830B
Specification: DC Voltage : 200mV-2V-20V-200V-1000V AC Voltage : 200V-750V DC..
Ex Tax: RM12.90
Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Test Meter Multimeter DT9205A
Features The main function of the Digital Multimeter is to measure the voltage, resistanc..
Ex Tax: RM79.90
Electronic Luggage Scale WH-A12
Specification Digital LCD display with Green LED Light Automatic turn-off Power ..
Ex Tax: RM29.90
Laser Level Pro 3
Specification Measurement Range : min 0.6m / 2 ft - max 15m / 50ft Vertical and hor..
Ex Tax: RM15.90
Portable Digital Fishing Luggage Scale WH-A04
Specification Digital LCD display with Blue LED Light Automatic turn-off Power ..
Ex Tax: RM18.90
SUNMA Battery Tester BT-168
Features Universal Battery Tester (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, Laser Types), Factory Sealed This univers..
Ex Tax: RM6.90
SUNMA Multitester YX-1000A
Specifications Test Type : Multimeter, Electric Resistance, Current, Voltage Testin..
Ex Tax: RM6.90
Ultrasonic Distance Measurer W/Laser Point TT-1005
Features Includes convenient carrying case Precisely measures distance in feet or m..
Ex Tax: RM79.90
Wire, Pipe & Power Detector WPP123
Features Avoids drilling or cutting into unseen hazards in walls, floors and ceilings. Electr..
Ex Tax: RM29.90